Stone Machine Supplier Sales Services

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Stone is basically custom-made, many processes need to be operated manually, and some special shapes require high-precision equipment for processing, which prevents stone products from being mass-produced in large quantities like ceramic tiles. Strong reliance, it is difficult for most stone machine suppliers to support these two requirements, which makes many terminal agents unable to independently operate stone sales services;
Stone products are natural, unlike the large-scale production of ceramic tiles. The pattern and color of stone are unique. There must be some differences between the samples that consumers see in the showroom and the products that are finally installed at home These color and pattern differences are something consumers do not understand and are picky, which leads to the salesman and the follow-up service, the salesperson must constantly explain and inculcate this feature of stone products to consumers (for these consumers Is the shortcoming), which actually greatly increases the requirements for sales staff;
In addition, stone has higher and more complex requirements than ceramic tile products in the procedures of transportation preservation, installation measurement, and price calculation. Based on these special reasons, brands like Milossi explore their own development in the development of stone retail. The road combines the characteristics of stone and tile one by one, combines the advantages of stone and tile with each other, and sells the stone. Maximize the approach to ceramic tiles, but keep the unique charm of the stone: its approach is to standardize most marble products, and only retain some customized customization of special shapes. Milosi's marble tiles have a film structure, and the surface layer is marble, and the bottom layer is a tile embryo. The two are combined through special processes and materials to maintain the original beauty of the marble and obtain the tiles. Sturdy and durable.


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