You may have seen your hair artist using a spray bottle to wet your hair or apply products. Sure, the skill of the artists is indispensable, but these instruments can also not be ignored. They’re of great value to industries such as cosmetic, medical, and many more. They’re used for a variety of liquid applications, depending on your need.

  Be it sanitizing liquids or styling gels, Mini Trigger Sprayer come in handy. Since these products are used across industries, it’d be quite useful to go through a guide for trigger pump sprayers.

  Trigger Spray Outputs and Dosage

  There are different levels of output that can be released using a variety of trigger pump sprayers. Some examples include 0.75ml, 1.3ml, and up to 1.6ml. The one with 1.3ml output capacity is hands-down the most versatile because it works for most kinds of liquids.

  You can get a range of dosages with the types of trigger sprays available at Premium.

  The applications and purposes of application can vary from industry to industry. This is why you can get dosage ranging from 0.22ml to 1.5ml. A higher dosage may be recommended if you need greater coverage. On the contrary, if you want to apply a concentrated dose on a spot, go for a lesser dosage.

  Here are a few options for various kinds of application requirements:






  Trigger Spray Neck Size

  Just as much variety you find in outputs and dosages of trigger pumps, you’ll also find in sizes of spray necks. This is why there are many sizes of screw caps available to avoid bottlenecks in fitting different bottlenecks.

  Here are some of the most common ones:





  Spray Pattern and Viscosity

  Some lubricants need to be of a very specific viscosity and be applied in the right manner. This is why spray patterns are so important in industrial uses. From widespread to short spread, and even mist or foam—the application largely depends on the kind of liquid.

  There are unique combinations of spray range and spread required such as frying oil requires a short range but a widespread for even coating of the pan. Similarly, foams are more applicable in case of hair products such as styling mousse or facial cleansing products.

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