As a consumable, the domestic demand for home elevator is not small at present, how much does it cost to install elevators? Regarding the specific elevator price, you can check some data on the elevator installation cost table. For people with different needs, the cost of installing and choosing domestic elevators is not small. Next, I will introduce the cost of household use in the form of question and answer.

Q: How much does the buyer need to pay for using the elevator and buying the entire elevator?

Answer: Hello, sir/madam. The cost of using the elevator for private households includes the cost of elevator equipment, the cost of building the elevator, the cost of installing the elevator, and the cost of maintaining the elevator.

Q: What is the cost of home elevator equipment?

Answer: The quality of home elevators is different. There are three grades: high, medium and low. Different grades have different prices. For household appliances of different grades, the second-story home elevator factory has many differences in drive systems, materials, craftsmanship, performance, comfort, performance, component durability, and quality. The current economical home elevators have a market price of about 100,000 yuan, while the more comfortable market price is about 160,000 yuan, and the high-end market price is about 200,000 yuan or more. The specific decision should be based on the current market price, and users can choose the one that suits them according to their own economic strength.

Q: What is the civil construction fee for home elevators?

Answer: The civil engineering costs of home elevators mainly include the costs of hoistway construction and pit excavation, the amount of this cost, and whether the elevator-driven development type enterprises and related product designs can bring their own integrated hoistway directly. Relationship. Take hydraulic type and traction type for example. Usually it is necessary to build a hoistway and need to dig a pit. The second-story home elevator service provider, now integrated hoistway, can reduce the cost of digging the hoistway. There are also some imported screw elevators with advanced technology and self-contained shafts without digging.

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