Safety gloves need to be cleaned regularly. This can effectively increase the life of safety gloves. Here is the correct way to clean gloves.

1. The pure cotton safety gloves sometimes shrink during the cleaning process. Therefore, when you purchase a new batch of pure cotton gloves, use 40℃ to 50℃ warm water during the cleaning process, soak the gloves in warm water, and then use an iron when they are 90% dry in a cool and ventilated place. Ironing.

2. Sometimes when the safety gloves are cleaned, the gloves will fade. This situation is mostly caused by the use of a cleaning agent with strong corrosive ability. It is recommended to add some salt to the warm water when cleaning, and use a non-corrosive cleaning agent. This will prevent fading and make the gloves more durable.

3. A small amount of alum can be added to high-end gloves during cleaning, which can keep the gloves clean and improve their durability.

4. When workers in different industries use labor protection gloves for work, the objects they touch are different. For example, because some welders often contact rusty objects, there will be a lot of rust in the gloves, which makes the gloves very dirty. When cleaning this kind of gloves, don't scrub hard at the beginning. The correct way is to soak the gloves in warm water to soak the dirt out, and then gently rub the gloves so that the gloves can be cleaned.

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